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Software / Internet ToolsEkahau AI Pro 11.1.4 (x64)

Ekahau AI Pro 11.1.4 (x64)
Ekahau AI Pro 11.1.4 (x64) | 470 MB

Ekahau AI Pro will help you plan, build and upgrade your Wi-Fi infrastructure. This product, over the years, has maintained its reputation as the easiest-to-use professional Wi-Fi testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting tool for corporate networks. Easy-to-understand coverage maps and fast reports make optimizing your Wi-Fi networks much easier.

Ekahau AI Pro allows you to plan Wi-Fi networks according to your performance and scalability requirements. The number of wireless clients is growing rapidly. They need more speed and stability for new applications, VoIP, HD video streaming and just browsing the Web.

What's New
New features and improvements
Super smooth and fast spectrum waterfall - Especially the Sidekick 2 users will love the new 5-second time window ;-)
Workspace transitions between Design, Inspect, Survey and Live are now even smoother and faster than before
No more adjusting the zoom level when you toggle between the workspaces - just pick up where you left off!
Do you have your own custom requirement profile? You can now save it as a global profile and you no longer need to load it from template projects
Design workspace AP list is now much faster especially when loading large project files
Design workspace AP list also now supports the multi AP selection controls properly
Want to try your plan with a different AP model? Now when you change the AP model we transfer the same settings to the new AP model - No more manually redoing the settings!
Color selection is now possible horizontally in Network filters, for a more intuitive experience
Faster CAD import, so you can start working with the map even faster than before
New fancy Profile dialog - check your license and profile data with style
Added AP name parsing for Arista and Alcatel-Lucent - now the surveyed Access Points assume their proper transmitted name where available
Reporting: added option for changing footer image for One-click reporting - customize your reports however you like!
Fixed issues
Duplicate beacon 6 GHz networks are parsed with correct channel width
Improved radio combination logic for grouping radios together
Survey workspace side panel radios view/list refreshes properly
Tons of other small fixes plus a lot of code improvements under the hood
New access points, antennas and BLE beacons
4ipnet EAP670, EAP615, EAP610
AccelTex ATS-OP-2456-81010-10MPC-36, ATS-OP-2456-477-10MPC-36, ATS-OP-2456-8-10MPC-36, ATS-OP-2456-7-10MPC-36, TS-OO-2456-466-10MPC-36, ATS-ID90RD-245-23-1RPTP-IC-W, ATS-ID90RD-245-46-1RPTP-IC-W, TS-OHDP-245-4-4RPSP-36, ATS-OP-245-6-4RPSP-36, ATS-OP-245-7-5RPSP-36, ATS-OP-245-7D-5RPSP-36, ATS-OP-2456-13-8PDART-ND-36
Allied Telesis TQ6602 GEN2
Arista W-318
Aruba AP-530
Cambium Networks XV2-22H, XE5-8
Cisco IW-ANT-OMH-2567-N,AIR-ANT5114P2M-N, AIR-ANT5150HG-N, Catalyst 9167, Catalyst 9115, Catalyst 9120, Business 150AX, Business 151AXM
Draytek AP918R, AP960C
Edge-Core Networks EAP104
Extreme Networks ML-2452-APA2-02, ML-2452-APA2-01
Extronics iAnt213, iAnt216
Fortinet FortiAP-432F
Galgus IC450
Huawei AirEngine 5761R-11, AirEngine 6761-21E, AirEngine 6761-22T
Interline IP-G10-F2458-HV-M
L-COM HG2458-14DP-4NF
Laird PDQ244915
LANCOM OX-6400, LANCOM OW-602, LX-6402, AirLancer ON-QT90, AirLancer ON-QT60
Mars MA-DBO2458-6, MA-WO55-10NH
Meraki MR28, MR78, MA-ANT-3-F6, MA-ANT-3-F5, MA-ANT-3-E6, MA-ANT-3-E5, MA-ANT-21
Mist AP45E with AccelTex ATS-OP-2456-81010-10MPC-36, AccelTex ATS-OP-2456-477-10MPC-36, AccelTex ATS-OP-2456-8-10MPC-36, AccelTex ATS-OP-2456-7-10MPC-36, AccelTex ATS-OO-2456-466-10MPC-36
NetGear WAX638, WAX630, WAX628, WAX625, WAX618, WAX615
Nile NWA1000
Ruijie Networks RG-AP820-L V3
Terrawave M6080080P1D63602, M6060060D3D43699, M6060060D3D43699D
TP-link EAP670, EAP655, EAP653, EAP650, EAP610
Ventev T58070MP13620P2, M6080080P1D43620
Watchguard AP332CR
Wireless Instruments WiBOX SA M25-90-12HV
WyeBot EAP8407FB
Zyxel WAX640S-6,WAX640S-6E, NWA220AX-6E, WAX620D-6E
Renamed ExtremeWireless to Extreme Networks due to a request
Replaced faulty antenna patterns for XV2-22H, XV2-23T, ECW220, ECW220S and ECW336, WAX615



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