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Graphics & Design / Multimedia / All In One (AIO)Movavi Software Suite (Unpack Version) 2017

Movavi Software Suite (Unpack Version) 2017
Movavi Software Suite (Unpack Version) 2017 | 1.61 GB

Collection of programs from the world famous developer Movavi.

The kit includes utilities for working and editing audio and video files. Work with images and PDF documents, programs for creating screenshots and recording video from the monitor screen.
All programs are packed into a convenient Autoplay menu. You can run all applications directly from the menu or create application icons on the desktop for more convenient access to the necessary utilities.

Movavi 360 Video Editor 1.0.0
Movavi 360 Video Editor - a must-have program for people working with panoramic video, because now edit them with this software will be as convenient, easy and fast. You can add all sorts of filters, beautiful transitions, inscriptions, overlay music, all this is arranged, previewed and then saved in one of the offered formats. you can instantly share your results with relatives
Movavi Screen Recorder 9.0.0
If you need a program to record everything that happens on the screen of your monitor, Movavi Screen Recorder is just what you need. It's very easy to use, the Russian version is there, after launching you just need to select an area, or a specific application for recording, click on the corresponding button and before that you need to select the desired format in which all this business will be written.
Movavi Video Editor 14.0.0
Movavi Video Editor - easy-to-use program for working with video. After downloading the file you can add and edit subtitles, you can impose interesting transition effects, you will get many filters and special effects, support adding your own audio track, you can change the speed of video playback and perform other operations.
Movavi Game Capture 5.2.0
The program Movavi Game Capture is dedicated to all gamers wishing to keep a record of their passages. Now all your achievements can be stored and then reviewed, uploaded to social networks, uploaded to video hosting, and generally bragged. The chip of software is that there will be almost no loss of frames, so the developers promise, and we believe them. Thanks to the presence of Hotkeys, you can fully control all the necessary program features during the game, you will not have to minimize anything and be distracted from the process. The sound recording will go both from the speakers and microphone, this is also a big plus. If there is a webcam, you can add a video to your passage, that is, your subscribers will be able to watch you.
Movavi Video Suite 17.0.1
A powerful program for processing video, you can easily trim it, and can and join several clips into one. It will appeal to advanced and beginners, thanks to a large set of functions that are easy to use. I want to note the convenient user interface, it looks stylish, Russian support is available. Video you can convert to other formats, for example AVI, WMV, you can prepare them for viewing on different devices, plus it is possible to extract audio tracks and save them separately. Your video can be viewed in the built-in player, you can take screenshots, add 3D effects, rotate the picture, adjust the video, add watermarks and so on. An experienced user can change the parameters of audio and video codecs, adjust the frame rate, etc.
Movavi Slideshow Maker 3.0.0
Movavi Slideshow Maker, quite a good tool in Russian with all the necessary functions. After starting, just add photos, small video files, apply all sorts of transitions and other ruches, save the project and before that you can share it with your friends by uploading to social networks and Youtube. By the way, you can also add music and adjust its tempo, all sorts of beautiful titles can be added there too. In general, everything is standard for programs of this type, but it looks very nice and nice.
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Movavi PDF Editor 1.0
With Movavi PDF Editor you can view and edit PDF documents, you can convert pictures into this type of files, you can create a new document consisting of several others.
Movavi Photo Focus 1.1
The Movavi Photo Focus program positions itself as an opportunity to creatively blur the image, you can focus on your picture only on the main details, you can achieve the effects of Tilt-Shift (objects with slope and shift), you can also blur only the edges of your picture, it also looks spectacular . After starting and adding a photo, just above it you can choose between several modes "Portrait" "Landscape" "Architecture" and some others. Choosing either you get a small instruction how to act, on the right there will be a small menu with sliders, twist and get the exact result.
Movavi Photo Noir 1.0.1
Now you can without a hassle make your picture monochrome, will be able to emphasize its shape and texture. After a quick installation and startup, you need to add a picture, select the right mode on the right and after applying the effect, save the result in one of the supported formats, before that you can crop your picture or rotate.
Movavi Photo DeNoise 1.0.0
The program Movavi Photo DeNoise should be pleasant to users wishing without any consequences to remove noise from the photos. In addition, the software will get rid of the graininess in the pictures and restore the sharpness and detail. After launching the application, you just need to add your image, right panel is activated in which you can select the desired mode and there is already an effect, the result is saved in one of the supported formats.
Movavi Photo Editor 4.4.0
Movavi Photo Editor is a program that allows you to edit images, including deleting unwanted elements in photos. It should be noted that this graphic editor, while possessing rather wide functionality, is simultaneously extremely simple in operation.
Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8.6.0
Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a powerful program that, through a simple user interface, allows you to record everything that is happening at the moment on your monitor's screen, whether you are playing toys or watching videos, running a program for work or just typing text. After you capture the video, you can save it to one of the supported formats.
Movavi Video Converter 17.3.0
A powerful program for converting both audio and video files. You can prepare a video for viewing on mobile devices, you can immediately download it to the network, burn a DVD. Each supported format can be customized, which is undoubtedly a big plus. The program also has built-in filters, some can improve the quality of the picture.

Year of manufacture: 2017
Version: 2017
Address of. site: Movavi
Language: Russian, English and others.
The author of the assembly: by Azbukasofta
Treatment: not required
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


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