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Software / Graphics & DesignBoris FX Sapphire Plug-ins 2023.0 (x64) RePack

Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins 2023.0 (x64) RePack
Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins 2023.0 (x64) RePack | 1.24 GB

Boris FX Sapphire gives you access to the widest selection of full-blown Hollywood effects, so you can work in a whole new way.
Accurate color correction allows you to work with high-quality effects that involve experiments with lighting and brightness.
In addition, Sapphire has more than 3,000 different compositional collections at your service, developed by the world's best specialists.

Sapphire is ideal for both creative enthusiasts and professionals. You will be able to streamline workflows, increase productivity and achieve a completely new visual experience for your projects. Over 250 stylish effects and transitions are at your service. With a very easy-to-use software interface, working with effects and transitions will become an exciting game that everyone can handle.

Best lighting effects
Sapphire lets you access Glow, Glare, and Glint features, as well as scatter effects, flares, and more based on professional lighting algorithms.

Wide range of presets
You will be able to waste no time choosing from 3000 preset options created by the best professionals in their field. At the same time, we constantly supplement the collection with new material, so you will never have problems with new fresh ideas.

The Sapphire Glow effect, widely used in Hollywood, allows you to either slightly modify the existing lighting, or radically change the entire lighting composition.

Hollywood effect
This Sapphire effect was originally used to recreate 35mm footage on modern devices. Now it can also be used for full-fledged work with colors.
The cinematic effect of Sapphire can be adjusted in a very wide range, with extreme precision, which makes it possible to work with color at the level of the world's best professionals.

This is one of the most popular Sapphire effects. With it, you can both recreate the slight trembling of the picture, characteristic of amateur video filming, and realize real earthquakes.

lens reflection
The lens flare effect allows you to get the lens flare and light reflection effect of photography.

Vignette is one of the oldest, classic effects. When working with it, you can add the same effect to the overall video sequence several times with just one click, without having to waste time on unnecessary repetitive actions.

RePack features:
General information:

Type: installation
Language: english
Treatment: patch

Command line options:

Silent install: /S
Select the installation location: /D=PATH

The /D=PATH parameter should be the last
For example: install_file.exe /S /D=C:\MyProgram

System requirements:
• Windows 10 / 11 - x64
• Adobe After Effects 2019-2022
• Adobe Premiere Pro 2019-2022
• Avid Media Composer 2019-2021
• Autodesk Flame
• Blackmagic Davinci Resolve
• Blackmagic Fusion Studio
• The Foundry Nuke
• Silhouette


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