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Graphics / TemplatesYootheme Pro Templates for WordPress [Updated 03.2022]

Yootheme Pro Templates for WordPress [Updated 03.2022]
Yootheme Pro Templates for WordPress [Updated 03.2022] | 3.99 GB

Use the power of the YOOtheme Pro page builder to create site-wide templates for the category blog, featured articles, tagged items, single contact, search and single article pages.

YOOtheme Pro allows you to build and design templates with the YOOtheme Pro page builder. A template is a general layout which applies to pages of a specific type and loads their content dynamically into the layout. For example, a single article template applies the same layout to all articles. Learn more about dynamic content.

In the Templates panel you can add, edit and delete templates and assign them to different pages. For example, if you have a website for movie reviews, you could create templates for your blog posts but also dedicated templates for your movie reviews.

List of Templates
Line Gallery: 2.7.20
Union Dental: 2.7.20
DevStack: 2.7.20
Design Escapes: 2.7.20
Paladin: 2.7.20
Kitchen Daily: 2.7.20
Creative Hub: 2.7.20
Tech Space: 2.7.20
Framerate: 2.7.20
Design Bites: 2.7.20
Matthew Taylor: 2.7.20
Soda: 2.7.20
Makai: 2.7.20
Balou: 2.7.20
Yoko: 2.7.20
Tomsen Brody: 2.7.20
Craft: 2.7.20
Trek: 2.7.20
District: 2.7.20
Flow: 2.7.20
Yard: 2.7.20
Nioh Studio: 2.7.20
Pinewood Lake: 2.7.20
Vision: 2.7.20
Florence: 2.7.20
Lilian: 2.7.20
Morgan Consulting: 2.7.20
Jack Baker: 2.7.20
Juno: 2.7.20
Vibe: 2.7.20
Copper Hill: 2.7.20
Sonic: 2.7.20
Fjord: 2.7.20
Joline: 2.7.20
Max: 2.7.20
Horizon: 2.7.20
Fuse: 2.7.20

Widgetkit 3: 3.1.9

Instructions for updating the Pro template
Before updating the template - make a full backup of the site .
How to update to the current version manually:
1. Unzip the yootheme_wp_(version.*) archive into the yootheme directory
2. Before copying, make sure that your project does not contain modified files. If they are present, then you will have to transfer all changes.
2. Copy the folder to /wp-content/themes in your Wordpress project and replace all files in the existing theme.
* - Template version, for example 2.7.20



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