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Graphics / 3D Models & AddonsjQuadCloth v0.19 / v0.20 for Maya 2016-2020

jQuadCloth v0.19 / v0.20 for Maya 2016-2020
jQuadCloth v0.19 / v0.20 for Maya 2016-2020
8 MLL | 6 MB

Do insta-retopo on clothing objects from Marvelous Designer and get them ready for sculpting!

Version 0.20 Update Notes:
--- UV related initialization problems have been fixed. Now it is possible to have UVs anywhere in the UV space without crashing Maya.
--- Patterns with flipped UVs will work properly.
--- It is now possible to have UVs on top of each other.
--- It is not necessary anymore to have an unwelded geometry as an input mesh. The tool will work fine on a seamless mesh so long as good UVs are defined.
--- The tool is now capable of better scaling with high triangle counts on input geometry, offering better performance overall.

--- Symmetry is still not being taken care of, sometimes resulting in questionable (or outright horrible) outputs.
--- Might not scale well with high density values.
--- Odd numbers of subdivs are currently not supported, sometimes resulting in sub-ideal topology
--- The program assumes the linear unit to be "cm"
--- inconsistent subdivs are sometimes set along complex seams
--- not always able to complete the full surface quadrangulation
--- random crashes are still to be expected as quadrangulation algorithms have not been updated
--- MD internal lines are not taken into account
--- Some problems with material connection have been reported but not yet investigated


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