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Graphics / 3D Models & AddonsAescripts AutoFill v2.0.0

Aescripts AutoFill v2.0.0
Aescripts AutoFill v2.0.0
After Effects : 2023, 2022, 2021 | 114 MB

Re-engineered from the ground up to take advantage of the latest performance features in After Effects:

- Supports After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering (MFR) for faster rendering across multiple cores
- New caching system for smooth real-time previews without resimulating
- Rock solid stability - no more flickering
- GPU Accelerated & Apple Silicon Native

Introducing the all new Style Builder:
- The Style Builder is your shortcut to producing complex, multi-layered styles
- Composite, retime, blend, blur, displace and set unique fill types for up to 5 layers within a single instance of AutoFill; the Style Builder is a game-changer
- OR choose one of our 30 ready made presets in a single click

AutoFill Bridges:
- Generate invisible bridges between disconnected elements with masks that travel with your layer
- Forget “leaking” or having to set growth points for each individual section

The Ultimate Shortcut: 30 Inbuilt Presets + 50 Project File Presets!
- 30 advanced style builder presets you can apply in a single click
- The 50+ Presets Project file is back, revamped to take advantage of the new features in v2

RGBA Gradients
- Effortlessly create inctricate gradients with our intuitive gradient UI
- Retime & seamlessly loop with 3 unique age modes and the repeater pipeline

3 New Speed Map Modes
- Introducing Shape Based Flow: moulds to the unique curves of your layer giving you the most fluid and intricate results
- Turbulent Noise: adds natural variance and realism
- Combine All: Don’t be limited to just one mode, composite them together

Presets On Steroids
- We’ve optimised the 50 preset project files that came with AutoFill to take advantage of the new features.
- Get more than 50% faster render times compared to version 1!

Extensive Knowledgebase
- Know more, do more. We’ve prepared multiple video tutorials and a comprehensive wiki so you can get as much or as little info as you need.

2.0.0 (Current version) - Aug 7, 2023:
- MFR native; huge performance increases
- New AE compute cache for rock solid stability; preview on the fly (resimulate button removed)
- Added Style Builder; inbuilt multitrack compositing solution
- 30 all new internal presets
- Revamped the 50 original AE project file presets
- RGBA Gradients with Intuitive Gradient Editor
- Inbuilt Quality Settings: Supersampling, Adaptive Resolution & Smart Anti-Aliasing
- 3 Additional Speed Map Modes; Auto speedmap renamed to "Slower Near Borders"
- AutoFill Bridges to connect disconnected elements
- CPU & GPU pipelines for render farms and CPU fallback



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