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E-Books / Video TrainingLearn Apex 20% and Code 80% - Salesforce coding made Easy

Learn Apex 20% and Code 80% - Salesforce coding made Easy
Learn Apex 20% and Code 80% - Salesforce coding made Easy
Published 05/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 34 lectures (6h 22m) | Size: 2.53 GB

Don't reach out to a developer for help. It's time for Salesforce Admins to enter the Developer world

What you'll learn
How to get started with Apex programming language.
Smooth transition from Salesforce Admin to Salesforce Developer.
How and when to use SOQL query and its syntax.
What are collections and how to use them in apex.
How to manipulate the data using DMLs in apex.
How and when to use conditional statments in apex.
How to use Developer console in Salesforce.
What is class and a method. What is the job of class and method in apex.
Real time project scenario to understand the application of apex concepts.

familiarity with object and record creation in salesforce.
curiosity to learn apex programming. to unlock whole new opportunities.

Does your brain freeze when you see code?
Do you think Coding is not your cup of tea?
I am not from a computer background. so, I am not good with coding.
Coding doesn't come naturally to me.
Hi there, I had these problems too. when I look at these points now. All the above problems are categorized as mental hurdles. write down your mental hurdle.
Is there a way to overcome these problems??
Definitely yes,
How can you be sure?
I had to go through these hurdles. and here I am. I had created this course. If I can do. you can do it too. It all matters how you see this situation. Do you want to learn Apex and unlock new opportunities in your career? or you are still happy within your comfort zone. We need to spend some time to understand a person. The same goes with Apex programming too.
How does this course help me clear these mental hurdles?
simple, just by presenting Apex in a presentable way to impress you. :D
I know you had read practiced Apex but you are still scared of jumping into the developer world.
I made this course so simple and effective that if I have to relearn the apex from the start this is how I want somebody to teach me. Once you understand a few things in Apex. I can surely say that the snowball effect would follow. You will start learning new things with confidence and what seems to be a nightmare would look like a task that can be achieved.
How can you be sure that I can start writing code after this course?
we will be going through the secret recipe of coding. You will know what goes in the format/structure. using this format you can write any code for your requirement.
Disclaimer: A little bit of practice is needed to retain the concepts for a longer time. :) . I can see that look on your face. Yes, I wanted to be realistic. without practice on Day 1, you feel that you mastered it. Week 1, you will feel low on confidence. Month 1, you will rarely remember that you put in the time to learn Apex.
why give half a try. if you really want to learn to code.
If you are reading this line. My job is half done. With mental hurdles aside. we can talk about what would you learn in this course.
SOQL query
for each loop
conditional statements
secret recipe.
if you are wondering, I know these concepts. Do I really need to take this course?
I have a simple question for you. if you know these concepts. what is stopping you from writing the code?
Are you struggling with mental hurdles?
do you still lack clarity on when and how to use these concepts in real-time scenarios?
This course would help you with the second one. with the confidence, you gain during the course. you can overcome the first one too.
If you are having issues with mental hurdles, I would suggest spending some time with apex programming by practicing it and you will get over these hurdles. you don't need this course.
I hope you had made a decision. I am eagerly waiting for you inside the course. Let's together jump on this roller-coaster ride. see you inside!!!

Who this course is for
Beginners and intermediate salesforce admins/developers.


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