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Software / ProgrammingIntel OneApi Developer Tools 2021.2 AIO (x64)

Intel OneApi Developer Tools 2021.2 AIO (x64)
Intel OneApi Developer Tools 2021.2 AIO (x64) | 3.97 GB

Intel OneApi Developer Tools are what used to be called Parallel Studio - development tools for performance, often parallelized software developed by Intel and consisting of a C / C ++ compiler, Fortran compiler, various libraries, profiling tools and much more.
All many components for development are divided by Intel into subgroups, which they called Toolkits. Installing the corresponding toolkit by running "Setup_ .cmd". Intel recommends that you first install the one you need from the Base toolkit ... and if after that you lack something, then you also need the one you need from the other toolkits (For the content of the toolkits, see additional info). But it seems to work even if you don't install Base at all, if you don't need anything from it at all (well, let's say, if you only need a Fortran compiler, you can install it right away by running Setup_Compute.cmd)

1. The name was changed to OneApi, apparently to emphasize that everything has become free and that Intel is now focusing on the development of SYCL.
Many terms, such as OneApi, DPC ++, SYCL - I think that marketers are confusing people ... well, you need to justify your contribution to the common cause! ... but how to justify it if not through the creation of a new term / brand and its promotion. After all, it is inconceivable that the whole set and the compiler and the extensions ... call it all Sycl ... or call it all oneApi (well, so as not to produce terminological entities)! Well this is just one brand ... where you can slap as many as three! Ineffective !!!
2.The distribution is made for those who are more convenient / faster to download from the tracker (than register and climb there on the Intel website downloading toolkits one by one ... some components require registration in order to download them)
Plus, due to the fact that there are a lot of repetitions in the toolkits, then from the tracker it is even one and a half times more profitable to download than to download everything from Intel separately on your own.
Well, everything in the image is already unpacked, and you don't have to unpack the downloaded gigabytes first, and only then install.
In short , download less from the distribution, and install faster. Who wants to download from Intel - download from Intel, there is no market!
3. Компоненты тулкитов
Setup_Base.cmd (oneAPI Base Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_Base_2.0.2871 ):
• Intel oneAPI Collective Communications Library
• Intel oneAPI Data Analytics Library
• Intel oneAPI Deep Neural Networks Library
• Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
• Intel oneAPI DPC++ Library
• Intel oneAPI Math Kernel Library
• Intel oneAPI Threading Building Blocks
• Intel oneAPI Video Processing Library
• Intel DPC++ Compatibility Tool
• Intel Advisor
• Intel Integrated Performance Primitives
• Intel VTune Profiler
• Intel Distribution for GDB
• Intel Distribution for Python
Setup_Compute.cmd (Intel oneAPI HPC Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_HPC_2.0.2901)
• Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
• Intel C++ Compiler Classic
• Intel Cluster Checker
• Intel Fortran Compiler (Beta)
• Intel Fortran Compiler Classic
• Intel Inspector
• Intel MPI Library
• Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector
Setup_IoT.cmd (Intel oneAPI IoT Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_IoT_2.0.1296):
• Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
• Intel C++ Compiler Classic
• Intel Inspector
• IoT Connection Tools
Setup_Rendering.cmd (Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_RenderKit_2.0.726):
• Intel Embree
• Intel Open Volume Kernel Library
• Intel Open Image Denoise
• Intel OpenSWR
• Intel OSPRay
• Intel OSPRay Studio
• Intel OSPRay for Hydra
Setup_OpenVino.cmd (Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit, OneApi2021_OpenVino_2.185):
• Inference Engine
• Model Optimizer
• Deep Learning Workbench
• Deployment Manager
• DL Streamer
• Post Training Optimization Tool
• OpenCV

Intel OneApi Developer Tools v2021.2 AIO Win
picYear / Date of Release : 2020
Version : 2021.2.0
Developer : Intel Developer
site :

Bit depth : 64bit (the target platform can be 32-bit)
Interface language : English
Tablet : not required
System requirements :
For hardware:
• Processor with Intel Core architecture, Intel Xeon or Intel Xeon Scalable family;
• For GPU programming: Integrated GPU GEN9 + (including Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics (DG1))
• For FPGA Card programming: Intel Arria / Stratix 10 GX + Quartus Prime 19.4-20.3
• 2GB RAM (8GB recommended)
• 3- 24 GB of free hard disk space;
• For Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016/2019
For Fortran, C / C ++ compilers, a plus compiler from Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.7+) or 2019 (version 16.4+) is required
About the need for distribution with oneApi, vote pliz in the distribution header .


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