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Software / ProgrammingKeil MDK v5.34 (x64)

Keil MDK v5.34 (x64)
Keil MDK v5.34 (x64) | 943 MB

MICROCONTROLLER DEVELOPMENT KIT (MDK ARM) Development Kit (MDK Arm), KEIL combines C / C ++ Arm Realview compiler and integrated Keil Uvision development environment. Using MDK ARM allows you to simplify the design cycle and reduce development time.

This product provides a developer with a multifunctional development environment, optimized for working with a wide range of microcontrollers based on Arm kernel (ARM7, ARM9 and Cortex M3) manufacturers such as Analog Devices, Atmel, Freescale, Luminary, OKI, NXP, SAMSUNG, Sharp, Stmicroelectronics and Ti and so on.
Support for these processors must be installed in the Project-> Manage-> Pack Installer (Project-> Manage-> Pack Installer) by installing packets through it from the Internet or downloading files from the adjacent distribution or from the old man on the Internet (a detailed list of supported devices is visible from it) and installing in the same Package Manager, but already from independently downloaded files.

How to install MDK - see the recommendations in the KeilmDK534.txt file in the hand (if the key generated with an overdue action, then generate it again)
How to update MDK instructions do not need - the installer will update the already installed KEIL MDK.
It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the fact that already laid out on the tracker for Keil MDK here.

Decades have not passed (well, okay for seven years) How the statement appeared that the Russian language should finally work. A good reason to try to upgrade and check
To check the feature you need to go to Russian by selecting Edit -> Configuration ... -> Editor -> Encoding equal to "Russian Windows-1251" (I immediately note that UTF8, i.e. when encoding is selected as "Encode in UTF-8 Without Signature, "worked before)
If you have 1251-Russian not earned, then try more and change your font to some other one (for example, set Edit -> Configuration ... -> Colors & Fonts -> C / C ++ Editor Files -> Text -> Font Equal "CONSOLAS")
In the header, a voter was created about the work of the Russian language similar to the one that was in 5.33 ... Participate !!! Let's see how statistics in version 5.34 will change

Year of release: 2021
Version: MDK 5.34
Developer: Keil.
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: present
Platform: Windows 8, 8.1, 10 (but it seems to work on seven)
Minimum: 1 GHz, 1GB memory, 2GB on disk; Recommended: 2 + GHz 64-bit, 4 + GB memory, 5 + GB on disk. Allegedly supporting 32Bit Windows is not guaranteed (but people work). Read more here

What News?
• Added: Update Interval For the Generation of Source Browser Information for ARM Compiler 6 Based Projects IS Globally Configurable. Updates Can Also Be Triggered Manually Via The Context Menu and / or Keyboard Shortcut.
• Corrected: Editor Is Unable to Display Russian or Japanese Encoded Characters. Updated to scintilla v4.4.6.
Arm Compiler
• Updated: Arm Compiler 6 To Version 6.16 (Important Note: This Version Is Correcting How Voltile Bit-Fields, Typically Used for Peripheral Register Accesses, Are Handled by The Compiler)
Target Debugging.
• Updated: Nuvoton Nu-Link Debug Driver To Version 3.05.7174.



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