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E-Books / Video TrainingLynda - Rhino: Furniture Design 2015 TUTORiAL

Lynda - Rhino: Furniture Design 2015 TUTORiAL
Lynda - Rhino: Furniture Design 2015 TUTORiAL | 845 MB

Learn a process-based approach for the designing furniture with Rhino, focusing on the creation of complex surfaces that leverage the powerful modeling and prototyping tools of Rhino 3D. This course has four parts.
General concepts

Start by framing your work and exploring big questions such as "What is furniture design?"
Case studies
Next you will learn by doing, modeling some of the important pieces of furniture history (such as the Thonet café chair and Eames DCM chair) to gain a better understanding of the masters of design.
Design process
Explore the furniture design process by following along with the research, schematic design, design development, and documentation of a brand-new furniture design.
Extend and translate
Last learn how to translate your furniture design to other software by exporting assets for 3d printing, rendering, and game development.
The training is focused on the creation of complex organic surfaces while you maintain precise control of that geometry's accuracy. Packed with tips and timesaving strategies, these tutorials will not only make you a better furniture designer, but a faster one as well.

├── 001 Welcome.mp4
├── 002 What you should know before watching this course.mp4
├── 003 Using the exercise files.mp4
├── 004 What is furniture design_.mp4
├── 005 Furniture and the body.mp4
├── 006 How furniture supports different activities.mp4
├── 007 Questions that drive form.mp4
├── 008 Form and shape.mp4
├── 009 Furniture and the design of interior space.mp4
├── 010 Furniture types.mp4
├── 011 Background and analysis.mp4
├── 012 Defining form using the Extrude, Boolean, and Two Objects tool.mp4
├── 013 Adding details using the Sweep 1 Rail tool.mp4
├── 014 Background and analysis.mp4
├── 015 Defining form using the Tween Curve tool.mp4
├── 016 Creating surfaces and thicknesses using the Planar Curves and Extrude tool.mp4
├── 017 Background and analysis.mp4
├── 018 Defining the form and creating the frame.mp4
├── 019 Building the shells and mounts.mp4
├── 020 Background and analysis.mp4
├── 021 Defining form using profile curves.mp4
├── 022 Creating contours.mp4
├── 023 The design process.mp4
├── 024 Define the problem, research, and schematic design.mp4
├── 025 Finishing schematic design.mp4
├── 026 Design development - Refining the chair legs.mp4
├── 027 Design development - Determining a material and fabrication strategy.mp4
├── 028 Design development - Finishing the chair.mp4
├── 029 Documentation.mp4
├── 030 Exporting your model - Unity assets.mp4
├── 031 Exporting your model - Rendering.mp4
├── 032 Exporting your model - Printing.mp4
├── 033 Next steps.mp4
└── Exercise Files.rar

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