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E-Books / Video TrainingStress-Less in 60 Minutes

Stress-Less in 60 Minutes
Stress-Less in 60 Minutes
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Clear your Stress - Live your Life!

What you'll learn
What is Stress?
What is the difference between Stress & Anxiety?
Why not all Stress is bad
How to deal with Stress
Overcoming Stress using Kinesiology
ESR for quick Stress Release
EFT for reducing the Stress response in your body
Immediate Stress release using these specific techniques
Boosting your Confidence
Have an open mind and be willing to try out new ways to reduce Stress

If you experience stress in your life, regardless what causes it or its intensity, this course is for you.

The whole world is stressed - this has probably never been a truer statement. Stress has always been around but especially the last 18 months we have all experienced a different level of stress with lots of different rules put in place, all affecting our Mental Health and stress levels.

We are being pulled in many directions, we are never without our mobile phones or technology, we are being asked to do more and more whether it's at home or in our work – and there is a lot of noise around us.

Now stress is a natural part of life and a little stress can even help you perform better - Stress is a natural reaction, as our body tries to deal with any negative pressures placed on it. The problem is when stress doesn't come in, do its job, then goes away.

When stress becomes chronic it impairs our brain functions and can do lasting damage to our brain cells, so even when we aren't feeling stressed the damage to our brain cells is still there.

The Science behind the course

Don't worry, as you will see in this course, there are many ways to reduce your stress, but using Kinesiology I take you to a deeper level of stress clearing, which will offer you not only quick stress relief, it will decrease the intensity of your stress and as you do these techniques it will change your brain's reaction to stress in your life.

This is not just another stress related course, it has Science behind it, using thoroughly researched Kinesiology techniques to not only release your stress quickly & easily, it will take the stress reaction factor right down, so your stress hormones and survival instincts will allow you to remain much calmer in the face of anything stress related.

This course will allow you to look at your stress, how to deal with your stress by choosing one of the quick, easy techniques you will learn and enjoy your life from a completely new perspective.

My personal experience

As an experienced, qualified Kinesiologist, I have worked with thousands of people to allow them to live their life with joy.

This course was born out of my own personal experience with stress and anxiety, the amazing changes from my own Kinesiology sessions, my study as a Kinesiologist and from the experiences and changes that my amazing clients have experienced over the past ten years.

It is packed with information on stress, ways to identify your stress and most importantly some fantastic techniques that will allow you to not only see, but feel your stress levels diminish very quickly.

I guarantee this course will show you how to

Manage your stress – quickly and easily

Use mental strategies – to open up the power of your mind

Use physical relief strategies – to clear your body pain

Use emotional relief strategies – to identify and release stress triggers then change your reaction to stress

Access spiritual pathways – to clear your stress at soul level

And much more.....

I look forward to helping you de-stress!


Who this course is for
Anybody who is interested in keeping their Stress levels under control
Anyone interested in learning how the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual are connected to your Stress


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