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E-Books / Video TrainingCreate a Dense, Floral, Half Drop Pattern in Procreate

Create a Dense, Floral, Half Drop Pattern in Procreate
Create a Dense, Floral, Half Drop Pattern in Procreate
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Product Details In this class we'll be creating a dense, floral, half drop pattern in Procreate.
You'll learn about the benefits of half drop repeat patterns and I'll show you my step by step methods for making them using only Procreate.
We'll talk about how to even start a project like this, I'll share with you some of my illustration tips and tricks and ways to arrange everything and not get lost in the abundance of all the elements. Also, the pattern swatch that we'll be creating is going to be editable, so we can make adjustments as we go and we'll be able to recolor it once we finish.

In this class I'll walk you through:

- My step by step half drop repeat method for making seamless patterns in Procreate
- Illustration exercises that will help you start your project, find the best composition and create a beautiful dense pattern repeat
- How to effectively use layers and how to arrange your elements without getting lost
- How to keep your pattern swatch editable so that you can adjust it and recolor it

Half drop patterns and dense patterns have intimidated me personally for quite some time, but looks can be deceiving. The truth is, with a few guidelines in mind these patterns are quite easy to make.

The only trick is to start, and once you do, just believe in the process and go with the flow. You are amazing and you're able to do anything you set your mind to. Plus, we'll be doing it together.

This class is for intermediate levels, but if you're a beginner with a good basic knowledge of Procreate, you will be able to follow along.

So, grab your iPad, and let's get started!


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