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E-Books / Video TrainingDocker Certified Associate Exam Prep Course

Docker Certified Associate Exam Prep Course
Docker Certified Associate Exam Prep Course
Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.64 GB | Duration: 9h 49m

Learn Docker, Kubernetes, and MKE (UCP) with Hands-on demos, Mock tests and Multi-response practice questions!
What you'll learn
Prepare for Docker Certified Associate Exam
Learn Docker and Kubernetes from Scratch
Explore Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (Universal Control Plane) and Mirantis Secure Registry (Docker Trusted Registry)
Exercise Docker and Kubernetes Command Lines
Understand the internal working of Docker and its interaction with Linux for different purposes
Practice Multi-response mock questions for DCA Exam
Containerize your web applications with Dockerfiles, Compose files, and Kubernetes Manifests
Orchestrate your containers with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
Manage networking and storage of your app containers with Docker and Kubernetes

Docker Certified Associate: The ultimate validation for your Containerization skills with Docker

Container creating a revolution in the IT industry is not news anymore. Their simplicity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness have enabled uncompromised performance with consumer-friendly revenue models for companies like Google, Paypal, Netflix, Adidas, IBM, Spotify, The New York Times and the list goes on.

The migration of the web application market to Containers is far from over. After Covid-19, more and businesses are going online than ever before, and many of them are choosing to be container-native! All of this has increased the demand for professionals with Containerization and Orchestration skills and Docker is the best Containerization tool in the market that supports Open Container Initiative while providing a unique and intuitive way to write Containerized apps.

Proficient Docker and Kubernetes users can easily grab 6 digit USD Jobs from ANY part of the world and the best way to prove your skills is clearing the DCA (Docker Certified Associate) exam because:

It is the only IT certification covering the entire containerization skill spectrum from writing Dockerfiles to managing Kubernetes Clusters,

It has a unique exam pattern involving a mix of Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions,

Multiple Response questions require candidates to provide the correct response not only for the right answers but also for the wrong ones,

This means DCA Certificate holders are likely to be more confident and knowledgeable than others with their theoretical concepts and practical knowledge.

DCA Exam Prep Course

Special exams require special preparation and this course is exactly what you need. This course is a meticulous mix of theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations. It has been assisted by our in-house DCA expert, Dhwani Sametriya. Her courses have taught Docker to over 70000 students and she has also authored a book on Containers!

The course covers the entire syllabus of DCA laid out by Mirantis and explains each aspect with precision and patience. With continuous input for exam preparation and Mock Exams, you will never lose sight of your goal. Here is a broad introduction to what each section will cover.

Section 1: In this introductory section, you will get your container basics, understand details and requirements about the DCA exam and will also prepare your practice environment on Cloud.

Section 2: You will understand the Docker Architecture, Install Docker on Linux, Windows, and Mac, Visit Docker Hub. and Run your first Container.

Section 3: You will learn how to write Dockerfiles and build Docker Images. You will focus deeply on different Dockerfile instructions and their uses.

Section 4: You will learn how to build Docker Images from various build contexts (sources), managing Docker Images including listing, removing, and pruning, Image layers, and detailed Image inspection.

Section 5: You will understand and perform the entire life cycle of a docker container with the docker command line and work on a lot of container operations.

Section 6: You will learn docker's container Networking Model, network drivers, docker Networks, and their types. You will also learn how to isolate containers from a network stack or change their DNS configuration.

Section 7: You will learn how containers are arranged in a filesystem, docker storage drivers like volumes, bind mounts and temp fs, third party driver plugins, data sharing between containers and more.

Section 8: You will learn the basics of container orchestration with Docker Swarm, understand the Swarm architecture, set up your swarm Cluster, deploy a scalable containerized application using swarm service, work with overlay networks, and perform rolling updates.

Section 9: You will learn Swarm's leader election mechanism with Raft consensus and what is a quorum, high availability, disaster management (recovery), and cluster locking.

Section 10: You will learn about Docker Compose YAML files and Docker Stack.

Section 11: You will set up your own Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) Launchpad (formerly Docker Enterprise Edition UCP) cluster, work on MKE Dashboard, Operate Swarm on MKE by deploying scalable services without using the command line. You will also learn about advanced orchestration topics like Role-Based Access Control, managing TLS, and Swarm Collections.

Section 12: You will understand Kubernetes architecture and components, pods, and other basics of Kubernetes (K8s). You will also learn how to write YAML manifests for K8s objects. All of this is performed on the MKE launchpad cluster.

Section 13: You will learn how to work with K8s workload objects like ReplicaSets, Deployments, and Jobs, Networking objects like Cluster IP and Node Port Services, Storage objects like Persistent and Projected Volumes, Orchestration mechanisms like labels, selectors, and node affinity and so on.

Section 14: You will explore DTR and Docker Content Trust.

You can look at the course curriculum for detailed content coverage, do enjoy the preview videos as well!

On top of all of this, there are 3 hands-on Assignments with complete solutions, 10+ Quizzes, and 2 Mock Exams to solidify your preparation.

We have been teaching Docker and Kubernetes to students for years and this course is designed with the essence of what they love about our teaching. Check out what our students have to say about us!

Bhavana Verma

"Awesome course! One of the best course content and delivery, of course, is very effective."

Peter S

"Great and easy explanation of docker. Wonderful."

Muhammad Asad Javed

"This course was so good as it clears my concepts and questions about containers and docker."

Diego MSDN

"Excelente curso para adicionar contenido a mis conocimientos previos."

Brandon Doyle

"Great, fast-paced, doesn't make me wait with him to experience the output of blocked commands or operations; very, very clear in his descriptions."

Krish Lalwani

"I liked the course a lot because of the Demo videos right after the theory. Demos were easy to replicate too."

Muskan Sharma

"The examples given were very good. They helped me understand so many things that I wasn’t able to while going through other documentation."

We are extremely grateful for their kind words and appreciation. With that said, we can't wait to see you in the class!

Happy Learning and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Who this course is for:
IT professionals aiming to become Docker Certified Associates
Beginner DevOps Engineers, System Admins, or Software Developers interested in Docker and Containers
Computer Science and IT Students aiming for DevOps jobs
Managers and start-up owners looking to reduce their IT infrastructure costs
Current Docker users looking to expand their knowledge and practice their skills



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