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E-Books / Video TrainingVehicles in Unreal Engine 4

Vehicles in Unreal Engine 4
Vehicles in Unreal Engine 4 | 466 MB

Learn to create wheeled vehicles in Unreal Engine 4.
In this series I will be guiding you though the PhysxVehicle plugin to power your vehicles. This will support vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, and even industrial and agricultural vehicles. Due to a limitation in the system, it will partially support motorbikes, but not fully.
This system can be achieved 90% through blueprints alone, and we utilise C++ to provide some totally optional extras at the end of the series. No C++ is required to get the core product working and this series will focus on blueprint support.
We will be exploring:
- Correctly orientating and rigging our vehicle without using any bones in a DCC tool
- Creating a vehicle blueprint
- Making your vehicle fully drive-able, and giving you the knowledge to tweak it to achieve the desired handling.
- Expanding the blueprint system with some c++ extras
- Exploring how to argument your vehicle with particles, sound effects, and lights



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