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E-Books / Video TrainingAnimation for beginners: Create spherical animations in Blender

Animation for beginners: Create spherical animations in Blender
Animation for beginners: Create spherical animations in Blender | 1.35 GB

Bring simple shapes to life! Animation does not have to be difficult. In this class, I'll walk you through a simple process where you'll learn to create believable materials, shapes, and animations using Blender

Suitable for beginners
With basic knowledge about 3D, You can follow this course. This course will take you by the hand right from the start and will guide you through.
What You'll Learn:
- 3D modeling in blender - Create simple shapes with good topology in blender.
- Create materials - You'll learn how to create materials in 3 separate and effective ways.
- Animation - animate the spheres and their environments to create amazing animations.

01. Introduction - Create spherical animations in Blender.mp4
02. How to complete a project.mp4
03. Create materials in Blender.mp4
04. Create materials with Materialize.mp4
05. Create materials with Substance Painter.mp4
06. Exercise 1 - Raindrop animation.mp4
07. Exercise 2 - Disintegrating sphere.mp4
08. How to roll a sphere.mp4
09. Exercise 3.1 - Rolling stairs - Modeling.mp4
10. Exercise 3.2 - Rolling stairs - Materials.mp4
11. Exercise 3.3 - Rolling stairs - Animation.mp4
12. Exercise 3.4 - Rolling stairs - Camera setup.mp4
13. Exercise 4.1 - Rolling spiral - Modeling.mp4
14. Exercise 4.2 - Rolling spiral - Materials.mp4
15. Exercise 4.3 - Rolling spiral - Animation.mp4



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