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E-Books / Video TrainingRamit Sethi - Greenlight Your Idea

Ramit Sethi - Greenlight Your Idea
Ramit Sethi - Greenlight Your Idea | 1.68 GB

How do top entrepreneurs get unstuck?
Which of these questions have you agonized over in the last 30 days?
“What’s the right business idea?”
“Why won’t my customers buy?”
“What do I do next?”
Most people spin in circles with endless ideas, procrastinate, get frustrated, and eventually “take a break” (code for: give up).
Top entrepreneurs do one thing differently. They talk to the people who matter: their customers.
Get all of the exact scripts, surveys, checklists, tools, and questionnaires we use to get unstuck, discover what our customers really want, and “greenlight” our next business idea.

Get ALL of the EXACT scripts, surveys, checklists, tools, and questionnaires we use to greenlight every business idea and product
Greenlight Your Idea is our brand-new, online course that gives you our COMPLETE customer research toolbox - everything you need to get unstuck and move your business forward.

The 6 Why Prompts
How to get great answers from people even when their first response isn’t that good
The 5 Greenlight Benchmarks
The exact signs that tell you when to move forward with your idea
The Paid Test Menu
All your options for proving that your idea truly taps into a burning desire of your customers
Three Step Outreach
How to get all the interviews you could possibly need from any market in an authentic and genuine way
The Double Slot Method
The single easiest and fastest way to get any call scheduled
Q & A

About the course
What is this course about?
Greenlight Your Idea helps you get unstuck in your business by giving you our complete customer research toolbox - all of the exact scripts, surveys, checklists, tools, and questionnaires we use to determine which ideas and products people want the most.
This course walks you through each item of our toolbox, gives you advice on how to use each tool, and shows you how to quickly get clear answers from your customer research.
How is this different from Zero to Launch? Do I need to do Zero to Launch first?
Zero to Launch is our flagship program that teaches you the entire process for starting a business.
Greenlight Your Idea is our new course focused exclusively on customer research - specifically how to find the right market, ask the right questions, and figure out what to do next with your business.

Greenlight Your Idea and Zero to Launch are both designed as independent products. You can start with either product or use them together.

Who is this for?
What if I don’t have a business idea yet. Will this help me?
Yes! The tools in Greenlight Your Idea are perfect for finding and validating any business idea.
I have an idea but I’m still at the beginning stages. Will this course help me?
Yes! The Greenlight Your Idea toolbox will help you refine your idea, define your audience, and identify profitable products you can build.
Will this course help me if I already have a business, email list, product, and customers?
Yes! We use this exact toolbox to test every product idea we have - and we strongly recommend you do the same. Anytime we’re stuck, this is how we get unstuck.

Does Greenlight Your Idea work for online businesses, freelancers, agencies, consultants, retailers, SaaS, etc.?
Yes! The tools we share in Greenlight Your Idea can be used in any type of business.
I’ve been trying to find the right idea for a long time and I always hit a brick wall and have to start over. Will this course help me?
Yes! We’ve been in that situation, too. It’s no fun. The Greenlight Your Idea toolbox will help you avoid hitting that brick wall.

Taking the course
How long does this course take?
Greenlight Your Idea includes over 80 minutes of training. This isn’t a bloated course stuffed with 84 videos you’ll never watch. It’s a brisk, focused tour of our customer research toolbox. We kept the course tight and focused on helping you take action quickly.

Do I get access to the entire course at once?
Yes! You get full access to the entire product as soon as you join. Go through the entire course or jump straight to the section you’re most interested in - you decide!

Greenlight Your Idea is
for you if…
You’re stuck in your business journey. That could be finding your business idea, figuring out why your customers aren’t buying, or deciding what product to build next.
You want to be a truly customer-centric business - one that truly helps its audience.
You want to stop guessing and hoping things work out. You’re ready for clear signals from your audience about what business to build and what products to create.

If you’re ready, I can give you our COMPLETE customer research toolbox so you can get unstuck today, tomorrow, and anytime in the future you run into a big business question.
Essential to the success
of every business
When we took our first swing at customer research, it was a 14+ month slog to get to one promising idea.
The happy ending: That product ended up becoming Earn1K on the Side. We launched it in 2010 and made over $500,000. Against the odds, we had a hit.
After that, we doubled the price and relaunched the course. This time we made over $1,000,000.
During that time, many other businesses rushed out unproven, unvalidated product ideas that flopped. Most of those businesses are no longer around.
Customer research is essential to the success of every business, but it doesn’t need to be a 14-month slog.
Today, thanks to our Customer Research Toolbox, we can quickly and confidently validate 7+ product ideas in a year.
Now I want to share that toolbox with you. You can use the scripts, surveys, checklists, tools, and questionnaires included in this toolbox on any business or product idea.
But only if you join Greenlight Your Idea now.
Take the guessing out of your customer research

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