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E-BooksSurvive!: Increase Your Odds of Survival In An Apocalyptic World

Survive!: Increase Your Odds of Survival In An Apocalyptic World
Survive!: Increase Your Odds of Survival In An Apocalyptic World
English | 2021 | ISBN: B09KCT5SF8 | 133 pages | PDF | 7 MB

Do you want to go out on an adventure and live off the grid?
Maybe you want to go out into a forest on an expedition with your friends and play man versus wild. Wouldn't an electric generator that lights up your camp be a great idea?

Maybe you want to play Minecraft in real life! Or you want a DIY guide that helps you build new things!

Imagine a world overtaken by a zombie apocalypse. You find an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Its lovely appearance in the middle of grassy plains and a flowing river makes you question, "Why would anyone abandon such a place?". You move into the house to salvage and find some broken electronic devices, half-rotten wood, bloodstains, and hay lying around the corner. An old radio perhaps sitting on the shelf for god knows how long. You are alone--all on your own.

There's a crucible, some wires and ropes wound together, laying around near a rusty red-colored generator. Would you survive conveniently or die trying?

Would you walk kilometers foraging until you grow older?

Sheeeeeeeeesh. That would suck!

Why not build your own electric scooter?

Survive! is an electronics DIY guide that will help you survive in such scenarios *Conveniently!*. Even if it's not a zombie apocalypse, who'd know when you would want to play some Man vs. Wild out in the woods?

Imagine your friends grinding wood to make fire.

That would be cringe. You can literally build an induction cooker with a 12-volt battery. Yeah, not very effective, but possible.

What if I say you can generate heat and cook food from the flowing river?

The book covers basic concepts like ohms law and Kirchhoff's law and advanced concepts like impedance and RLC circuits. As it elaborates on basic concepts, it also covers real-world applications and how you can harvest energy and sustain it in wild/abandoned environments.

About the book:

It will help you design your own electronic equipment.
Harvest energy and power your own electronic Laboratory.
Build your own electric vehicle and venture out into the unknown!
Make your own walkie-talkie and Wirelessly communicate with your friends!
Go out on an adventure and build a secret electronics lab!
Discover different types of integrated circuits and learn to analyze datasheets.
Become an explorer!
Do it Your Effing Way!


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