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E-BooksWeightlifting: How to Lift and Train Like a World Champion

Weightlifting: How to Lift and Train Like a World Champion
Weightlifting: How to Lift and Train Like a World Champion
Jim Napier | 2017 | ISBN: 152206351X | English | 180 pages | ePUB | 1 MB

Most erratic performances in the gym and in competition can be traced back to how the squats and pulls are being trained. The predominant thought is that the more a lifter can squat or pull (DL) the stronger they will be and therefore they will lift more in the snatch and clean & jerk. A very noble notion, but very misleading, since as was discussed in "Weightlifting: Strength and Velocity", force production is determined by the change in acceleration (specific times in motion) not simply how much can be squatted regardless of those times in motion. This book will describe how certain correlations can be used for programming and training purposes and why repeated precision, specific times in motion and non-deceleratated actions must become the methodology of training and what happens when training is composed of erratic lifting, erratic times in motion and decelerated actions. Many years of research has gone into the premise of this book and that research has culminated into the various correlations and formulas that are valuable for everyone who is interested in developing their full potential as an athlete and specifically as a weightlifter. With the information contained in this book anyone with some athletic ability and desire and love of the sport of weightlifting will be able to reach their full potential be that National Champion, World or Olympic Champion.


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